Discussion of hair restoration and its procedure

Hair Restoration
Hair Biology
Hair Follicle Structure
Hair Growth Cycle
Planning a Surgery
Choosing a Clinic
Consulting a Surgeon
Hair Transplant Costs
Various Surgeries
Scalp Flap Surgery
Scalp Reduction Surgery
Recent Advances
Pre-Transplant Care
Pre-Surgery Care
Role of Drugs
Hair Transplantation
Donor Strip Removal
Follicle Unit Preservation
Post-Transplant Care
Post-Transplant Care
Side Effects

Welcome to hairrestoration.info, your one-stop source for all the information related to various methods of hair restoration. This website aims to address your all queries related to hair, hair loss and methods of hair restoration.

We offer comprehensive information on the topics touching every relevant aspect of hair loss and hair restoration methods. There is discussion in detail on hair follicle structure and hair growth cycles in pattern baldness that helps you understand the real causes of hair loss.

We provide you guidance on how to proceed for a hair restoration surgery once you make up your mind. There is discussion on how to select a clinic and how to consult a surgeon before going for a hair restoration surgery.

We educate you about various hair restoration methods like follicular unit transplantation, scalp flap surgery and scalp reduction surgery. We discuss the operations in detail with information on their procedures including removal of donor strip and preservation of follicular units.

We give you an idea about the side effects and complications of various hair restoration methods and inform you about pre-surgery care and post-operation care.

There is also discussion on the role of drugs in various hair restoration methods. This website informs you about the possible hair transplantation costs that helps you think about a certain method in the right perspective.

Besides giving information about the various hair restoration methods we also discuss some latest advances made in the field of hair restoration.

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