Selection of the right hair restoration clinic.

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Selection of Hair Restoration Clinic

The success of a hair restoration surgery depends largely on the selection of a right hair restoration clinic. The surgeon in the clinic will play the pivotal role in the hair restoration surgery, and a wrong selection of clinic can turn the whole operation into a nightmare.

You need to be careful while making your decision about a clinic. Taking references from people who have gone through a surgery at a certain clinic is always a good idea. You must see to it that the clnic meets the objective of your operation.

Factors in selection of a clinic

The following things should be kept in mind while looking for the right clinic --

• Source of information –
It is important to keep in mind the source you come to know about a clinic from. You should see whether you get information about it from Yellow Pages, newspaper ad, Internet or personal recommendation. A personal recommendation is always more dependable than advertisements, as it involves first-hand experience.

• How long clinic has been in trade – Check for how long the hair restoration center has been in the trade. A hair restoration clinic with many years of operation is certainly more dependable than a new one.

• Reputation of clinic – Reputation of a clinic matter a lot. It is a good idea to ask people’s onion about the clinic. Getting feedback from some patients is also quite useful.

• Legal status of clinic – Legal status of a clinic is a important. You should get information on whether there are some lawsuits pending against the center.

• Surgeon’s skills – Be sure that the surgeon in the hair restoration clinic has adequate qualification and experience. Check how much experience he has in the field of hair transplantation surgery. Ask him about his past operations, success rate and the techniques used by him.
If a surgeon is a member of any relevant professional organization or society like the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons (ISHRS) it is better since it shows his involvement in his field of expertise.

• Personal compatibility with surgeon - You should also test your personal compatibility with the surgeon. The success of the surgery depends largely on how much comfortable you are with him/her. It is especially important in the case of multiple sessions.

• Venue of clinic –A good venue reflects well on the professional status of a clinic. Check whether a clinic is in a standalone building or run from the back office of a larger dermatology clinic. A clinic with a professional look is certainly assuring of a quality work.

It is a matter of concern if the clinic is run from a rented place. That clinic is less dependable in the case things go wrong.

• Was there a pressure to register for treatment? - It is a negative sign if a clinic pressurizes you for the hair restoration surgery. It indicates the clinic is desperate to make profit without caring much about a patient’s problems.
So keep the factors in mind while choosing a clinic for your hair restoration surgery. Happy hunting!
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