Planning for recipient site is very important in hair restoration surgery.

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Consultation with a Surgeon

Consultation with a qualified surgeon is very important before going for a hair restoration surgery.The outcome of the surgery depends largely on the selection of the surgeon. During the hair transplant procedure hair grafts are taken from a part of the scalp where there is hair growth and presence of hair follicles and then planted on a part of the scalp where there is no growth of hair.

Surgeonís skills

The outcome of a hair restoration surgery depends to a great extent on the skills of the surgeon. Experience and qualification of the surgeon is a very important aspect in this case.

There are many things to keep in mind while going for a surgeon. You should see whether the surgeon has performed any hair restoration surgery. A surgeon with experience is always a better one. The patient should see whether the surgeon has proper information about hair and its structure. He should be well-versed with all techniques of the hair transplantation surgery.

Consultation with surgeon

When selecting a clinic you should keep in mind that a qualified and experienced surgeon is a very important factor that can immensely affect the outcome of the surgery.

During the consultation with a hair restoration expert the patient is given proper information about the surgery and its procedure. During the consultation the surgeon takes into consideration all the aspects like patient's age, location and extent of hair loss, progression of hair loss and availability of donor hair. The surgeon also takes into account surgical techniques and procedures that could be used under the given conditions. Then the surgeon decides about the kind of treatment the patient needs.

During the operation the patient wants the surgeon to keep the aesthetical aspect of the outcome of the surgery in mind. There should be agreement between the surgeon and the patient on the terms and conditions of the operation. They should also agree about the number of sessions, costs and possible complications.

During the consultation the surgeon gives a brief idea about the outcome of the surgery to the patient. The surgeon should keep in mind during the operation that the hair should look natural in its recipient place.
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