Discussion of preserving hair follicle units during hair transplantation

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Preservation of Hair Follicle Units

Hair restoration surgery has come a long way with the passage of time. Now you can find many new techniques of hair restoration surgery that are more advanced and effective than the traditional ones.

Follicle hair transplantation

Follicle hair transplant is a very reliable and popular method of hair restoration surgery. In this hair transplant procedure a graft consists of a single follicular unit as it exists in nature. Follicular units are bundles of hairs growing together. One follicular unit is formed of about 1-4 terminal hair follicles. In the case of genetic balding, healthy hair is replaced by hair of smaller diameter and length.

Each follicular unit contains 1-2 fine vellus hairs, oil glands, a small muscle and a band of collagen that surrounds the unit. The unit represents the skinís hair bearing structure and is responsible for ensuring maximum growth of hair.

A follicular unit is a physiological unit and not a histological one. It needs to be both extracted and transplanted as an intact unit. This is a fundamental concept of follicle hair transplant.

Follicular hair transplantation is a very effective method of hair restoration surgery. It has a success rate almost 100%.

How are follicular units preserved?

In FUE procedure , there is no dissection of follicular units. The units are extracted one by one. It is done using custom-made precise micro-surgical tools.

Keeping individual follicular unit intact is very important in FUE. A unit should neither be broken up into smaller ones nor combined with larger ones in this hair transplant procedure. This is different from what have been in practice for long.

Many surgeons prefer to combine several follicular units or split them up. They think that it will have no major impact on the final outcome of the surgery. However, this does not help in getting the best results.

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