The cost of a hair transplantation surgery depends on various factors.

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Cost of Hair Transplantation

You can avail of an affordable hair restoration surgery without compromising on the quality. The cost of the surgery depends on various factors like the selection of a clinic and its locality. Considered costly earlier the hair transplantation surgery is now affordable.

Is it expensive?

It is a known fact that hair transplant procedure is not cheap. But remember that this is a permanent solution of your hair loss problem. You have to afford the cost of the operation for just once.

Some people might say that the cost of medicinal treatment of pattern baldness is cheaper. However, if you calculate the total amount of money spent on medicinal treatment and hair transplant procedure then you find that the later costs you less, since you have to spend money on medicinal treatment over a long period.

Will I get insurance cover for the surgery?

Hair restoration surgery is usually not covered by insurance since it is a cosmetic surgery. However, hair transplantation necessitated by some accident or burn is considered a reconstructive treatment and may be covered by health insurance.

Check with your insurance agent about availability and extent of coverage. Ask him/her if your policy covers cost of surgery, anesthesia and any other related expenses. You should also check whether your future coverage gets affected in any way and your insurance premium gets increased.

Factors affecting the cost

There are several factors affecting the hair transplant procedure cost. The choice of the clinic is a very important factor. The hair restoration surgery cost varies from clinic to clinic.

There are some clinics that charge per graft implantation. Some clinics charge even for anesthesia. Clinics have two approaches to measure the total cost of hair transplantation surgery - cost per follicular unit transplanted and cost per hair restoration operation. In the first approach the number of grafts can directly affect the cost of the operation. In this case the more grafts used the more costly the operation is. Many US and Canadian hair transplantation centers offer cost-effective surgery with cost per hair restoration surgery.

Reasons for cost differences

There are many reasons for cost differences in clinics. Reputation of the surgeon is a factor which affects the cost of the hair restoration surgery. Heavy advertising budget of the clinic is another factor. In this case the clinic tries to make it up with charging the patients heavily. If a clinic has an attractive surrounding then it charges more since it has to spend more on maintenance.

If a clinic has more employees it charges more for hair restoration surgery since it has to pay more salaries to its employees. The rates of the local market of hair restoration surgery matter a lot in the overall cost of the surgery.

You pay more for a surgery that is not standard. A hair transplant procedure for androgenetic alopecia is standard but a hair restoration surgery for burn injury, eyebrow transplantation, etc. is not standard.

Actually cost has not much to do with the quality of the outcome of the hair restoration surgery. You can reduce the cost of the operation by going to a less expensive clinic outside your region.

Do a thorough study of the hair transplantation surgery, its procedure and costs before going for one. It is better to keep the cost and quality of the surgery outcome in mind while making a decision about the operation. Go for the clinic offering the best cost-effective service.
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