Possible side effects of hair restoration surgery.

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Side Effects of Hair Restoration Surgery

People go for a hair restoration surgery in the case of baldness. But while providing beautiful hair to people, the surgery may have some complications and side effects, too.

When a person contacts a clinic for getting a hair restoration surgery he/she is informed in detail about all the hair restoration techniques available there. The patient is also informed about the benefits and possible complications and side effects of the techniques.

Side effects of hair transplantation

Side effects of hair transplantation surgery are relatively minor. These include mild pain and discomfort after the operation, swelling moving down to the eyes, and formation of scabs over the grafts. Some serious possible complications include bleeding, scarring and infection. However, the modern hair transplantation surgery is very effective and its outcome is mostly pleasing to patients.

The possible complications and side effects

The minor and temporary complications and side effects of a hair transplants procedure include the following

  • Headaches due to the tugging and manipulation of the scalp area during the hair transplants procedure
  • A small amount of bleeding that is normal
  • Numbness or scalp tenderness
  • Temporary thinning of pre-existing hair
  • Swelling usually around the forehead and the eye area
  • An itchy scalp

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